Madison Property Fund


MAMCO invites you to invest in the Madison Property Fund (MPF) under the Madison Unit Trust Funds. The MPF shall provide a suitable investment avenue for retail and institutional investors. The establishment of MPF is in line with the need to provide a suitable investment vehicle for institutional and retail investors that seek exposure to quality properties in the sector without engaging in direct development or complete ownership of property.

Madison Property Fund Trust is a Collective Investment Scheme that primarily invests in the real estate market. The Madison Property Fund Trust operates as a closed fund under the approved Madison Unit Trust Funds i.e. units are being o­ffered to investors at unit market value to the extent of the valuation of the property in the fund and no new units will be issued.

Unit trusts offer an easy, convenient way to invest. Simply put, a pool of investors’ money is used to invest in various instruments including Prime Real estate. This pool is then divided into equal units where each unit contains the same proportion of assets in the fund. Investors then share in the fund's gains, losses, income and expenses.

Investors will also be able to buy units after the initial issue from other investors looking to exit the Fund.


For more information, please see: MAMCo Property Fund Brochure