MADISON CAPITAL LIMITED (MCL) is developing land on Independence avenue into a three storey medical Centre to offer various primary health services to the public. The project has commenced with a lead delivery period of 14 months effective 1st June 2017.


The project concept for the Medical Centre has been drawn from the yawning gap in the provision of primary medical services in the country particularly Lusaka and is driven by the appetite for the market for provision of such services to the general public. Therefore once completed the facility will comprise the following;

  1.  Basement Floor: This floor will have 38 parking bays, standby generator room, a foyer and lifts. This floor will take up an area of 1026m2
  2. Ground Floor: The floor will take up 791m2 of the total area and will comprise a lab, dispensary, a pharmacy, pathology lab, Radiology, pharmacy, ultrasound, dentistry, a kitchen, male and female conveniences, a foyer/reception and a restaurant.
  3. Second Floor: This floor will have 16 Doctors examination rooms, 19 doctors’ offices, 4Nurse stations, male and female conveniences, 2 waiting areas, a dietetics, foyer/ reception and the floor will take up 909m2 of space.
  4. Third Floor: The total floor area for this floor is 909m2 and will comprise of 12 doctors examination rooms, 16 Doctors’ offices, 4 Nurse stations, male and female conveniences, 2 waiting areas, an administration block, a chronic disease wing, an ancillary wing and a foyer/reception.