This describes the process of actively managing the total mix of the client’s investments in order to derive the best value. Once the client’s objectives are ascertained and existing portfolio reviewed, we then design an optimal portfolio based on proven asset allocation strategies that take into account risk and diversification as well as growth and income, the proportion of which will be determined by the client’s objectives.

Once the client’s portfolio is structured and implemented, each asset class is regularly monitored for arbitrage opportunities and is constantly realigned in order to enhance value and growth. Realigned actions will depend on relative market opportunities for various asset classes. Asset classes considered include the following:

  • Listed equities (private equity at the discretion of the client).
  • Money Market instruments.
    • Treasury Bills
    • Government bonds
    • Term deposit with financial Institutions
    • Corporate bonds
    • Commercial paper
  • Mutual funds
    • Collective Investment schemes
    • Exchange traded funds
    • Index trackers 
  • Property Investments
    • Management of investment property
    • Investment in property funds(mutual funds)
  • Structured Products
    • Commodities and commodity linked deposits
    • Dual currency deposits

Derivatives The section of asset classes that will constitute part of the portfolio will depend on client’s objectives, risk appetite and specific client instructions.