Wealth Management

Wealth Management services offer a suite of highly flexible, tailored and value enhancing investment advisory solutions.

True wealth is about more than just how much money you have. It is about the choices and lifestyle your money enables you to enjoy, and it is unique to each individual.

We will provide portfolio management Services, investment management, corporate advisory services and brokerage services tailored to your needs.

Fiduciary services (Wills and Trusts):

This involves planning for the next generation. As your wealth management partners it's not only our job to make sure your wealth is invested wisely and securely, but that your assets are protected for the next generation too. Madison Asset Management Company’s wealth management department can help you safe guard your legacy. We will develop a strategy that includes constructing your will, establishing and executing trusts and structuring your affairs across jurisdictions - locally and internationally - ensuring that all the necessary legal and tax requirements are taken care of. By keeping a close eye on the legislative framework and recent changes, we’re able to ensure your portfolio remains sustainable and relevant for you and your family.

Investment Management:

The key to wealth is to build wealth outside your job. Making your corporate salary work for you, instead of only enabling a good lifestyle, can build wealth.” Whether you are about to retire, are an entrepreneur looking for security or an executive planning for your future, we will design a robust financial plan that gives you peace of mind and ultimately the freedom to explore what your wealth allows you to do and be. Our solutions to your investment needs encompass:

Portfolio Management Services: where MAMCo is authorised to make investment decisions on behalf of the client.

Fixed Income Fund Management: where clients make investments for a fixed period on a pre-agreed interest rate.

Maturities are treated as follows

  • Interest and principle paid at maturity
  • Interest paid in advance and principle paid on maturity
  • Interest paid periodically (Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annual) and principle paid at maturity
  • Sinking Fund (Fixed periodic payment of interest +principle paid until investment reduces to zero)

Early redemptions and early partial redemptions are allowed, therefore the system should be able to handle early redemption with no penalties, nominal amount penalties or interest rate reduction penalties.

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