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Our Business

Madison Unit Trusts

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A unit trust is a collective investment scheme that aims to provide investors with an opportunity to ride on the critical mass of a pool of investment resources to gain access to capital and money market funds. The Madison Unit trust provides a suitable investment avenue for retail and institutional investors that wish to access various funds seek diversification and enhanced returns. Diversification:Madison unit Trusts offer products which range from higher short term return funds to long term capital growth funds.

Fund Management

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Madison Asset Management Company provides fund management services to both retail and institutional clients. These include non-discretionary and discretionary funds. Non-discretionary funds are managed based on agreed specific variables with the client such as asset class, investment tenure and rate of return with the client merely leveraging on the superior bargaining power of Madison Asset Management Company. Non discretionary funds are managed on the basis of broad guidelines agreed with the client with the day to day aspects of investment management devolved to the fund manager.


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MAMCo is a member of the Lusaka stock exchange and provides brokerage services for individuals looking to buy and sell shares through the Lusaka stock exchange, our full Service Stockbroking services include: Execution only service- Brokering services based on client instructions Advisory Services-Proactive approach taken to advise clients on buying and selling opportunities Discretionary Dealing-All dealings are made on the client’s behalf Personal advice across a full range of investment options Access to market leading equity research from researchers and analysts Complete broking and in


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