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MAMco is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to provide asset management services and manages a collective investment scheme - Madison Unit Trust Fund. The Company is also a member of the Lusaka Stock Exchange and licensed by the pension and Insurance Authority as a pension fund manager.






1.1 Madison Gratuity Fund


Gratuity funds for staff on contract should ideally be managed off the  balance sheet and pre-funded in order to ensure that benefits are settled without any delay when they fall due. Sometimes, serious cash-flow problems may arise if more long serving and highly paid contract staff leave at the same time.

The Madison Gratuity Fund allows employers to fund staff gratuity liabilities in a systematic manner through a gratuity fund that is managed by MAMco. Gratuity funds are invested in both money market instruments and equity investments to provide for both capital growth and liquidity in the fund. The actual asset allocation will depend on the size of the fund and estimated length in service of staff. As the fund is actively managed, this allows for growth arising from investment income and thereby reducing the overall gratuity cost to the employer.

The funding for the Madison Gratuity Fund can be made in monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly installments at the preference of the employer. Past service benefits can be funded in a lump sum or installments over a period of time.


1.2 Madison Portfolio Management Services (MPMS)


In today's complex financial environment, investors have unique needs which are derived from their risk appetite and financial goals. But regardless of this, every investor seeks to maximize his returns on investments without capital erosion.

There are many investment avenues such as fixed deposits, income funds, bonds, equities etc…and investing in all these asset classes, require knowledge, time and a right mind-set. Equity as an asset class also requires constant monitoring which may not be possible for busy investors to give the necessary time, given their other commitments.

At MAMCo we recognize this, and manage client investments professionally to achieve specific investment objectives, and not to forget, relieving our clients from the day to day hassles which investment require.

When you invest through our MPMS, you can be assured of the best research being used for the investment decisions.

Who is it for?

Our portfolio management service is well suited for high-net worth customers:

  • who are investing in equities and fixed income securities    
  • who desire to create wealth over longer periods    
  • who appreciate a higher level of service


After understanding client risk appetite and financial goals, we then create an investment portfolio that meets client specific needs.

The following specific factors are taken into account;

  • Return

We are conscious that the portfolio proposed to you should either match or outperform the expected return of your benchmark for e.g. performance of a typical equity portfolio in the relevant category. This return is generally compared to the return on a selected benchmark index.

  • Risk Management

As for risk management, our main focus revolves around minimizing the probability and magnitude of investment losses and producing consistent returns.

  • Diversification

Diversification of each of our selected underlying funds across markets and sectors is another important component of our portfolio strategy and further contributes to risk-reduction and moves our portfolios closer to the efficient frontier.  The key to an optimal diversification in our proposed portfolios is to choose underlying funds whose price movements are not strongly correlated.

  • Liquidity

Liquidity is another important aspect when managing our clients’ portfolio. Assets of the fund should be liquid, i.e. to sell with little price fluctuation and also low credit risk.

Benefits of Madison Portfolio Management Service

  • Professional Management; The service offers professional management of client investments with an aim to deliver consistent return with an eye on risk.


  • Risk Control; Well defined investment philosophy & strategy acts as a guiding principle in defining the investment universe.


  • Convenience; Our Portfolio Management Service relieves clients from all the administrative hassles of managing own investments. We provide periodic reports on the performance and other aspects of client investments.


  • Constant Portfolio Tracking; MAMCo understands the dynamics of investments, so we track clients investments continuously to maximize the returns.


  • Transparency; Clients will get account statements and performance reports on a regular basis.   The following portfolio reports are prepared:
  • Performance Statements
  • Portfolio Holding Reports
  • Transactions Statements
  • Capital Gain / Loss Statements
  • Dedicated Manager; A dedicated Manager helps clients to carefully understand their financial goals and advise on the right product mix. The Manager, the one point contact will bestow personalized service and ensure that clients receive periodic updates, and account performance reports.


1.3. Pension Fund Management

Mamco is registered with the Pension and Insurance Authority as a manager of Pension Schemes. The strategy used in the management of our client’s schemes is to ensure liquidity and effective management of Risks to deliver a superior return to our clients.


Our approach and methodology to managing of pension funds involves

  • Assessment of the fund’s assets and liabilities
  • Recommendation of investment guidelines
  • Implementation of investment strategy



Our value proposition is founded on our investment philosophy which is based on “the need to meet clients investment objectives through consistent superior investment returns within a carefully crafted risk management framework”.  In this regard, our investment philosophy begins, as a starting point, by assessing the investment objectives of our clients. Once objectives are ascertained, we then proceed to ensure that we package an investment solution that achieves a balance of return, risk and liquidity.  Once we implement our investment strategy, we monitor the investments on a continuous basis. Our investment approach has demonstrated success over the years and has been consistently applied to a diverse range of clientele with varying investment needs.  We employ best practice asset allocation and portfolio management techniques to manage risk and portfolio volatility.

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